The Cream Story

Cream was borne out of desire to deliver excellence in our profession. Our core working principles are reliability, responsiveness, openness and good communication. At Cream we aspire to help you achieve your objective, whether it be gaining the best price for your home or providing a trouble free property management service. We do it better because we maintain ownership and are driven to rise to the top.

To remain Cream of the crop in our profession, we continually invest in ourselves – best systems, processes, training, marketing and people. We live and breathe integrity and credibility and are famous for it. We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and client care and believe in the end it will always cost you less to have Cream look after or market your home.

Our Director

Chris Wilson

Chris is known for his integrity in all his dealings – and that mixed with his hunger to succeed and his innovative marketing strategies makes him a formidable salesperson. Chris prides himself on being progressive, thorough, genuine and hardworking. He understands the mindset you’re in when selling your home and places respect above all other qualities. Try him, you’ll like him.

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